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    集装箱房能长期居住吗?来源:http://www.onyourmarkcleaning.com   时间:2022-04-28
    As a new type of building, container house is more and more widely used at present. Due to the remarkable characteristics of cheap house price, convenient use and fast construction and installation, there is also a great demand in migrant workers' dormitories, outdoor construction projects and some daily buildings in life. Of course, as long as protection and maintenance are well done, the service time of container houses can be greatly improved. Can this kind of container room be occupied for a long time? Now let's have a look!
    1、 Is the container room suitable for long-term residents?
    The answer is yes, but for construction sites and other projects, it is mostly used as a temporary residential house, because the construction site will always be completed one day. Most of the containers will be returned to the next building site after construction. Therefore, the container room has two sales modes: leasing and purchase. If it is used for long-term residence, it can be set according to the specific needs. Air conditioning, TV and so on can be installed inside. Overall, the container house is more comfortable to live in, because it has the characteristics of good sealing and fire prevention.
    2、 Is it harmful to human body to live in containers for a long time?
    Many people are worried that the paint and materials sprayed on the container wallboard will be harmful to people's health. In fact, it is not. The paint is sprayed on the outside, and there is basically no peculiar smell indoors. Therefore, as long as the indoor ventilation is always ensured, the doors and windows are often opened to ensure that the room is clean and tidy. It has little impact on the human body, so you can live at ease. If it is harmful to human body, there will not be so many container manufacturers, and its use will not become more and more extensive. Like now there are container hotels, container villas and so on.
    3、 Precautions when using container house
    1. During daily use, pay attention to the use of fire and electricity, especially for some containers whose materials are not very fireproof.
    2. During transportation, pay attention to protect the container from hard obstacles and scratch the protective layer on the surface of the container room.
    3. Do not damage the basic structure of the container without understanding. If you want to modify it, you should contact the corresponding manufacturer to solve it.
    4. Take corresponding preventive measures in lightning area.
    The above is the detailed introduction of Jinan container. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.onyourmarkcleaning.com
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